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“I’m representing your electorate.”

The Mainstream Party represents “Mainstream” people, that is, Australians of English, Welsh and Scottish descent. We are opposed to Australia being run for the benefit of minority groups. The idea of road signs being in English and French like in Canada is entirely repugnant to us. If the French don’t like this, they can go back to their own country. We don’t thank the traditional owners, since we are the traditional owners.

One of our concerns is that “Free Trade” has led to Australians competing for jobs with people in Asian countries who earn 50 cents an hour. For example, recently QBE Insurance transferred 700 jobs from Australia to the Philippines. These are not unskilled jobs, but the type of jobs we were told would remain in Australia under “Free Trade”. Even doctors and lawyers in Australia are in competition with their counterparts in Asia who earn peanuts. The only people in Asian countries with lots of money are those who have inherited real estate.

Nowadays South Korea is a wealthy country, but fifty years ago it was as poor as North Korea. According to Dr Ha-Joon Chang, lecturer in economics at Cambridge University, in his book, “Bad Samaritans”, the reason that South Korea became wealthy is because of its protectionist policies. He suggests that it would be better if all countries practiced Protectionism, and if they only imported stuff that they couldn’t make in their own country.

As a result of cheap foreign imports, the proportion of the Australian labor force who are not working has risen to 38 percent or seven million people. Most of these people are on parenting benefits or carer pensions, and are not counted as unemployed. These people would like to get jobs, but there are none going. Before “Free Trade” came in, anyone who lived in an Australian city could get a job. The seven million unemployed have no possibility of getting a job and earning worthwhile money while the major parties remain in power. This is where we come in.

Another concern we have is with the Australian judiciary. Australians imagine that, if someone infringed their legal rights, they could go to the courts, and would get a fair hearing. In practice, you might find that the judge hearing your case is the hoon who tried to run you off the road a few years earlier in a road rage incident. Or the judge might be the teenager who tortured your cat to death. When you find out that he has become a judge, you wish you had reported him to the police so he would have a criminal record. At the time, you though it was ridiculous that he might become a solicitor, let alone a judge.

Another concern we have is that our churches have been infiltrated and taken over, so that in effect, church property has been stolen from mainstream congregations. This is especially the case with the Uniting Church. Mainstream people can no longer attend church services at Uniting Church premises because of guitar music, left-wing propaganda sermons, African migrants, and people hugging each other. On our youth wing web site, we have an article entitled, “How to Have a Successful Life”, which advocates that people consider joining the Mormon Church, which is more along the lines of what we expect in a church.


“I’m digesting your crustaceans.”

Another concern we have is with the disproportionate number of people of Irish descent working for government agencies. Most government agencies employ ninety percent or more people of Irish descent, and some agencies employ entirely people of Irish descent. Irish people have a distinctive appearance, in the same way that Aborigines have a distinctive appearance. Most Australians, when they walk into a government agency, sense that the public servants are somehow not representative of the community. Clearly, past Labor governments have been engaging in unlawful discrimination against mainstream people.

Suppose you are from a mainstream background, and you want a career in the Australian military. If you apply in the normal way, you will be knocked back as not having enough “merit”. To the recruiting officers, Irish people have more “merit” than mainstream people. The only way you will be able to join is by becoming a tradesman first, since the military has a hard time finding tradesmen, so they will not be able to discriminate against you. If you want to become a general, you may have to become a plumber first.

Our main concern is about “political correctness”, a constantly changing set of policies that are supported by the major parties. Originally, none of the churches openly supported “political correctness”. Nowadays, most of the churches openly support “political correctness”. In the 1970s, the only people who supported “political correctness” were members of “pressure groups”, now called “non-government organizations”. It so happens that virtually all of the members of the “pressure groups” in the 1970s were people of Irish descent who had been educated at Catholic schools.


“I’m collecting your pay cheques.”

Evidently, what happened is that, following the Second World War, the Catholic education system started brainwashing Catholic children with “political correctness”. This led to a proportion of Catholic people who were educated at this time starting up these “pressure groups”. In effect, the “pressure groups” were a front for the Catholic Church. At the same time as the Catholic school system was promoting “political correctness”, the Catholic clergy was denouncing “political correctness”. This was a confidence trick to make us think they supported traditional values, so we would not clamp down on them.

According to John Allen, who is a famous Catholic journalist in the United States, and who writes for Catholic newspapers and has published books on the Vatican, approximately fifty percent of Catholic priests in the United States are homosexuals, and approximately ten percent of Catholic priests are pedophiles. John Allen himself supports gay rights, and claims that sixty percent of American Catholics support gay rights. How could such a situation arise, unless the Catholic education system was promoting gay rights as we are suggesting?

In the 1970s, there was a concerted campaign by the Catholic Church to get Catholics to join conservative political parties. At that time, Tony Abbott and Peter Costello belonged to the Labor Party, which was then regarded as a lunatic-fringe party. They resigned from the Labor Party and joined the Liberal Party. In time, Catholics became the majority in the conservative political parties. Most members of the Australian Parliaments are Catholic educated, and could clamp down on homosexuality if they really wanted to.


“I’m buying your farm.”

Most Australians now realize that they have been betrayed by the major parties, and are disposed to vote for a minor party, such as the Mainstream Party. To prevent this happening, the Lebanese Catholic member of parliament, Bob Katter, has set up Katter’s Australia Party. Catholic mining billionaire Clive Palmer has set up the Palmer United Party. Clive Palmer openly supports “political correctness”. Bob Katter kicks people out if they speak out against gay rights.

At the next federal election, Katter’s Australia Party and the Palmer United Party will be running expensive television advertising campaigns. They will be targeting people who would otherwise vote for the Mainstream Party. They will be telling the public that they intend to wind back “political correctness”. They have no intention of doing this. It is the same confidence trick that the Liberal Party has been perpetrating for many years.

To counter “political correctness”, it is essential that the public understand that the Catholic Church is behind “political correctness”. Once people understand this, they will stop voting for Catholic candidates such as Bob Katter, Clive Palmer and Tony Abbott who have no intention of winding back “political correctness”.

The Mainstream Party has a policy of canceling the Australian citizenship of people who support “political correctness”. At first glance this might seem extreme. However, we are not saying we are necessarily going to deport these people. We are saying that part of being an Australian is holding certain views. For example, if someone is not a Christian, he or she has no right to call himself or herself an Australian.

To wind back “political correctness”, there need to be sanctions for people who persist in supporting it. People supporting “political correctness” is just as damaging to society as other kinds of criminal acts. The only reason that European people support Christian values is that for many hundreds of years, anyone who opposed Christianity was locked up, and anyone who neglected to go to church was heavily fined. We should not have a “level playing field” for all ideologies, but the game should be stacked in favour of mainstream values. For example, people who openly support atheism should not be able to go to university.

Liberal politicians argue that winding back “political correctness” is no longer feasible, as “the stable door is open, and the horse has bolted”. On this internet site, we have a series of policies, which are clearly practicable, and will have a beneficial effect. Many of these policies could be implemented by a State Government.


“I’m getting your marching orders.”

Since we were only formed in 2012, we will initially not be standing candidates in every electorate. If we do not have a candidate in your electorate, we urge you to vote for a mainstream non-Irish non-Catholic person, even if he or she has no chance of being elected. Also, we urge you to vote against changes to the Australian Constitution. If the major parties support a change to the Australian Constitution, it must be a bad idea.

Also, it would help if you joined the Mainstream Party, so that we can get the necessary number of members to register as a political party, and have our party name on ballot papers. Our party is the only political party in Australia that bans members of minority groups from joining. The mistake that Pauline Hanson made with her One Nation Party was allowing anyone to join. Irish Catholics joined the One Nation Party in droves, took it over, and changed all its policies to support “political correctness”.

Our party has a very good brand name, “Mainstream Party”. The average Australian will see this on a ballot paper, and say to himself, “Oh yes, this sounds more like the sort of thing I would support”. Brand names like “Christian” and “Australia” have suffered by being associated with boring left-wing sermons and “political correctness”. Unlike other parties, our candidates will go door-to-door to every home in the electorate and meet every voter. People will vote for a minor party if they have met the candidate.