2. The objects of the party and its branches are:

  1. to advocate political policies consistent with the party's core values as set out in Part 2;
  2. to endorse and promote candidates for election to state and federal parliaments, local councils and public authorities;
  3. to register as a political party under the laws of the various Australian jurisdictions;
  4. to promote better pay and conditions for students and apprentices;
  5. to provide services to students and apprentices;
  6. to do anything else that the management committee considers necessary or convenient to further the above objects;
  7. to refrain from entering into any contract unless it is evidenced in writing by a document signed by the chairman or by any two of the chairman, secretary or treasurer;
  8. to refrain from entering into a contract unless the other party to the proposed contract is told that the party is incorporated with limited liability if that is the case; and
  9. to take over the funds and other assets of the unincorporated associations with the same names.