Attendance at General Meetings

44. (1) Only a member of the party or branch may participate in a general meeting of the party or branch, as the case may be, except as provided in this rule.

(2) The management committee of the party or branch may invite guest speakers to address the meeting, but they may not take part in the deliberations.

(3) Honorary life members are entitled to attend a general meeting in person or by proxy, which proxy must be in writing and given to another honorary life member before the start of the meeting.

(4) Members of the party or branch other than honorary life members may attend a general meeting in person unless the management committee decides by resolution that such members must participate in the meeting via the internet.

(5) Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the management committee may require that members enter into contracts with third party internet service providers to be able to participate in the general meeting, such as by joining an online forum.

(6) If through no fault of the management committee, a member other than an honorary life member is not able to participate in a general meeting, this in no way affects the validity of the meeting or the resolutions passed at the meeting.