Secure Message System

66. For the purposes of this constitution, a secure message service has the following characteristics:

  1. There is a computer, located outside Australia, in a server farm run by a web hosting company, that members of the party may access over the internet;
  2. The computer is physically accessible at short notice by trusted employees of the party;
  3. Each member of the party and its branches is provided with an account and electronic mail address that may be used to access the computer;
  4. Access by members of the party to their accounts on the computer is encrypted;
  5. Members may use their accounts for sending electronic mail messages on private business using any electronic mail address that they are entitled to use;
  6. A member’s messages cannot be read by any person without the member’s permission;
  7. If a member deletes a message, the message is not lost, but may be recovered by entering a date before the date that the message was received; and
  8. If the computer is seized by the authorities, none of the messages stored on it can be retrieved by the authorities.