Policy on Censorship

Currently there is censorship in Australia. Only Catholic propaganda is shown in the Australian media. This is not because of any censorship laws, but because the people employed in the media are Catholics. The thing about censorship is that people do not notice it. When Australia had censorship laws in the 1950s and 1960s, it was not in the forefront of peoples’ minds. Also, the public took it for granted that the government would not allow scumbags to make movies and try to mess with peoples’ heads.

If we are elected, we will reintroduce censorship laws. Our censorship regime will be similar to that of the United States in the 1950s. Violence and killing will continue to be allowed to be portrayed, as they always have been, even in the 1950s. The following subject matter will not be allowed to be portrayed in television or films or theatre or magazines or books.

  • Nudity
  • People getting away with crime
  • People getting away with misbehaviour
  • Allusions to people going to the bathroom
  • Allusions to people having intercourse
  • Horror which encourages mental illness
  • Inciting disrespect for authority
  • “Politically correct” propaganda

Nudity will not be allowed to be portrayed because it encourages people to engage in deviant forms of sexual activity. Contrary to what is taught in sex education in Australian government schools, everybody does not do it! The former American president Bill Clinton tried to appoint a Surgeon-General who was going to have American kids taught that deviant behaviour is normal and everybody does it. When Senators found out what she was going to have kids taught, they vetoed her appointment. To restrict deviant behaviour to less than 0.1 percent of the population, like in Australia in the 1950s, it is absolutely necessary to ban nudity and girlie magazines.

The greater part of the Australian population have limited financial means and have to live within a tight budget. They are in a difficult position where they might be tempted to engage in crime. If a movie portrays people as successfully engaging in crime, that is bound to incite ordinary people to commit crime. Back in the 1950s, there was very little crime in most parts of Australia. If we want to get rid of crime, we can’t have movies inciting it.

People, and children especially, copy behaviour in television that is made to appear successful. People copy characters such as Bart Simpson and Hawkeye Pierce. Hawkeye Pierce is made to appear as very popular, but in reality such a “smart alec” would be a pain to be around and would have no friends. These television shows are amusing, but what would be really clever would be to write an entertaining show that doesn’t undermine the social fabric. There are many such shows, but our Australian content rules don’t allow more of them to be shown.

Everyone of course knows that everyone else goes to the bathroom. But with most people, this fact is not uppermost in their minds. It is important that people have respect for other people, and they will not be respectful if they fixate on bodily functions. In a good society, people have a high respect for each other, and a high social cohesion, and this does not happen without censorship.

Human beings are of course technically animals, and animals of course copulate with each other. Our society however works on the principle that, while we are really animals, we act as if we were gods and not dogs. We maintain a polite fiction that men like to hang out with women because they are beautiful and pleasant company, rather than to have their way with them. And we insist that movie producers maintain this polite fiction, and other polite fictions, like Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and God. Actually, the polite fiction is really true, because women are beautiful and pleasant.

Horror is all about producing a sense in people that there is a threat to them when really there isn’t. For example, there was a children’s show about a library where the books were inhabited by space aliens, and the aliens were killing people one by one. A proportion of children who watch this show develop mental illnesses. If people write shows intended to produce mental illnesses in a proportion of viewers, why should the government allow that?

Any sort of society must have some sort of authority in it. Attacking the authority is an attack on the individual members of the society. One of the authorities in our society is royalty. Catholics such as Rupert Murdoch don’t like our royalty because they are Protestants, and so they vilify our royalty. For example, they refer to them using the disrespectful term “royals”. But the Catholics are a minority group, and who cares what minority groups think? Why should we let a minority group spoil things for the majority? We don’t have to take attacks on our authority figures lying down, and we won’t.

All “politically correct” propaganda is unbalanced, and involves putting a case for their policies, but not putting the opposing case. For example, it is one thing for people to state our argument against a Multicultural Society, and say why they disagree with our argument. It is quite another thing, and unacceptable, for them to dismiss us as “racists”, when most people in the world are against Multicultural Societies. We will allow a balanced argument, where people express some reasonable concern with our policies, but we will not allow our political opponents simply to try to “mess with peoples’ heads”.

To publish a television show, you will need to submit it to a Department of Information that we will set up. The censors will view the episodes, and either issue a permit or ban it. If the censors ban it, you can make changes to it and resubmit it. In the 1950s, some American films were initially banned, but were allowed after a few seconds of scenes were deleted. Also you can appeal to a Censorship Tribunal, and from there to the Governor-General in Council. Publishing something without a permit will carry a minimum of ten years in prison.

State Governments will have a similar system for approving books, movies, newspapers and magazines. Journalists and publishers will need licences from the State Department of Information. Catholics need not apply. Newspapers and television stations will be State Owned Enterprises. Media magnates have had too much power for hundreds of years, and it is about time we got rid of them. But it is acceptable for a privately owned company to make films and television shows.

The Internet in Australia will be run by a state-owned enterprise. Overseas web pages will only be visible in Australia if they have been approved by the censors. The Australian arms of social media companies such as Google, Bing, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter and Ebay will be nationalized. In practice, most people will not notice any difference, other than that the Internet will somehow be less ugly.