Policy on the Australian Constitution

If we are elected as the Australian Government, we will hold a referendum to completely replace the Australian Constitution. Our new Constitution will abolish the Australian States, and will instead have about 100 autonomous local government districts called counties. Each County will have an elected Council and a Mayor. The Mayors will make up the Upper House of the National Parliament. Counties will have similar powers to the Government of the Australian territory of Norfolk Island, such as deciding who can live in their County. The new national capital will be Sydney.

The new Constitution will contain a large number of civil rights. The following civil rights will be included. We have grouped these rights according to how long ago they have been recognized as civil rights.

Roman Civil Rights:

  • Right to Trial by Jury
  • Right to Due Process of Law
  • Right to Decide How One's Children are Brought Up
  • Right to Presumption of Innocence
  • Right to Presumption of Sanity
  • Right to Play Violent Sports
  • Right to Drink Alcohol
  • Right to Vote
  • Freedom from Repeated Prosecution

Venetian Civil Rights:

  • Right to Petition the Government
  • Right to Legal Representation
  • Right to Stable Currency
  • Right to Ring Church Bells

Enlightenment Civil Rights:

  • Right to Reside in This Country
  • Right to Debate Government Policy
  • Right to Bear Arms
  • Right to Judicial Review of Detention
  • Right to Bail Pending Trial
  • Right to have Courts Apply Precedents
  • Right to Compensation for Expropriated Property
  • Freedom from Admissibility of Hearsay Evidence
  • Freedom from Admissibility of Medical Reports
  • Freedom from Forced Labour
  • Freedom from Self Incrimination
  • Freedom from Torture
  • Freedom from Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Modern Civil Rights:

  • Right to Forty Hour Week
  • Right to Penalty Rates
  • Right to Judicial Review of Administrative Decisions
  • Right to Citizen Initiated Referendum
  • Right to Finance Litigation
  • Right to Passport
  • Right to Smoke Tobacco
  • Freedom from Property Taxes
  • Freedom from Extradition
  • Freedom from Imprisonment for Debt

We do not recognize that there is such a thing as a right to engage in deviant behaviour or a right to same-sex marriage. Nor do we recognize a freedom from discrimination. Although we recognize a right to free speech, we understand this to mean a right to debate government policy, and not a right to say anything you like at all.

We will introduce the above rights into State Constitutions. Also, State Constitutions will earmark revenue for specific purposes, such as the police, hospitals, roads and railways, and paying off debt. It will be a constitutional requirement to have a balanced State budget. We will make the Northern Territory into a State, and it will continue to be called the Northern Territory.