Policy on the Death Penalty

If we are elected as an Australian Government, we will repeal the Labor Party’s ban on the death penalty. If one of our candidates is elected to a State or Territory Parliament, we will introduce a private member’s bill called the Crimes (Death Penalty) Amendment Bill. This will require a Judge to sentence a prisoner to death for certain crimes. The sentence will be temporarily postponed while the Australian Government bans the death penalty, but will have to be carried out once the ban is lifted. The death penalty will apply for the following crimes:

  • Murder of a person who is not a spouse or relative;
  • Drug trafficking;
  • Rape by two or more assailants acting in concert;
  • Intentionally deciding a court case incorrectly;
  • Attempting to oust the mainstream people as the rulers of Australia; or
  • Crimes against the “Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court” committed by Catholics against mainstream people.

We will use a similar execution method as in the United States. This method has been criticized as inhumane because sodium pentathol is said not to be effective. In response to this criticism, we will use heroin instead of sodium pentathol. The steps in the execution will be as follows:

  • non-lethal injection of sodium pentathol and morphine anaesthetic;
  • harvesting of the prisoner’s useful bodily organs;
  • lethal heroin injection;
  • lethal pancuronium bromide injection;
  • lethal potassium chloride injection;
  • cremation of the prisoner.

Since the taxpayers have spent so much money on these scumbags, it is only fair and reasonable that the government should harvest their organs and give them to hospital patients who would otherwise die. The death penalty will not only apply to people who commit crimes after our law comes into effect, but also to scumbags who have committed crimes in the past. We will have convicted murderers who have been released on parole arrested and executed. There will be no need for a trial, since they have already been convicted.