Policy on Defence

Throughout Asia, the Australian military is a joke. If an Australian soldier prangs his truck, he wins a bravery award. If an Afghan swears at him, he gets post traumatic stress disorder. If he has a row with his wife, he needs a grief counsellor. Whenever Australian generals speak on television, it is taped by Asian embassies, and played back at military academies, to the amusement and contempt of Asian cadets.

If elected, we will have five military services, that is, Army, Navy, Air Force, Customs, and Special Air Service. Since the existing military personnel are so unsatisfactory, they will become customs officers. Customs will be responsible for smuggling prevention, airport security, fisheries protection, and search and rescue, like the American Coast Guard. We will use the National Guard, that we intend to set up in States and territories, as recruits for a new Australian Army, Navy and Air Force. We will bring in Russian officers to lead and train our new Australian military. The Russian military represents world’s best practice.

The cornerstone of deterring an invasion is a civilian population that is armed to the teeth. We will encourage a gun culture amongst the Protestant population. Soldiers and police reservists will be allowed to maintain small arsenals in their homes. Military training will be a subject at school, and for example Year 1 students will learn how to tie knots. Protestant men will need to complete two years of military service.

If we are elected, Australia will no longer be a “politically correct” country, and so we will no longer be allies of the United States. American support for Australia is contingent on our supporting “political correctness”, which is based on sectarian hatred of mainstream culture. In future, our defence will need to depend on our own efforts.

One line of defence will be nuclear weapons. Australia is the Saudi Arabia of uranium, so we would have nuclear reactors regardless of our defence policy. Our reactors will be designed to produce enriched uranium and plutonium. We will trade uranium ore to Iran, Pakistan and Russia in exchange for crude oil.

It is impractical to deliver nuclear weapons in missiles, as missiles can be easily shot down. It is preferable to smuggle nuclear weapons into cities where we might want to use them, years in advance, and detonate them by remote control. Target cities will include Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, New York, Dublin, Rome, Warsaw and Tel Aviv.

While a conventional nuclear weapon has considerable value, its use would cause so much devastation that in practice it would be awkward to use. A really useful nuclear weapon would be an “electro-magnetic pulse” (EMP) weapon. If an EMP weapon was used in Los Angeles, for example, there would be very few casualties, but it would take out all the cars, mobile phones and televisions. This would greatly inconvenience the Americans, but they would be reluctant to retaliate.

The same result as having a nuclear weapon can be achieved by kidnapping a large number of civilians. For example, after the Islamic clerics came to power in Iran, they kidnapped the diplomats at the American embassy in Teheran. They used this as leverage to prevent the Americans invading their country and to get the Americans to return billions of dollars they had stolen from the Iranians. If we got into some dispute with the Americans, we would want to have prisoners who we could use as leverage.

Kidnapping civilians is basically terrorism, but so is any form of warfare. As American President Richard Nixon said, “When the government does it, it's not illegal.” The Americans say that their policy is not to give into terrorism. In reality their policy is to say that is their policy, but to give into terrorism if the terrorists get enough leverage. If a country like Russia has enough leverage, the United States will pretend to be friendly towards them. The United States is only hostile towards countries that have no leverage and do not give into American demands to introduce gay marriage and such.

Sweden is much smaller than Australia. During the Cold War, Sweden had its own aircraft industry and made its own fighter aircraft. It is not unrealistic for Australia to make its own fighter aircraft and all other military hardware. The following is a list of military hardware we will need. This is based on the military hardware of France, Sweden, Russia and the United States. For example, Sweden has about 100 landing craft, and Australia has 2½ times the population of Sweden, so it could be argued that Australia should have 2½ times 100, or 250, landing craft. In the following list, we have also given our proposed military strength and defence budget.

Planned Changes to Australia's Military Strength

  Existing Strength Planned Strength
Annual Budget $24 billion $100 billion
Army 30,000 200,000
Navy 14,000 50,000
Airforce 15,000 50,000
Foreign Legion 0 100,000
Reservists 22,000 4,500,000
Aircraft Carriers 0 2
Cruisers 0 5
Destroyers 0 10
Amphibious Assault Ships 2 10
Frigates 24 50
Submarines 6 30
Patrol Boats 14 100
Landing Craft 6 250
Anti-Missile Batteries 0 120
Jet Fighters 95 300
Jet Trainers 106 120
Bombers 0 50
Strategic Transport Jets 26 80
Maritime Patrol Aircraft 21 21
Attack Helicopters 22 250
Transport Helicopters 84 250
Tanks 59 10,000
Artillery 300 7,000
Multiple Rocket Launchers 0 1,500
Armoured Personnel Carriers 1,500 25,000

It may seem extravagent to spend four times as much on the military. We see it as an investment rather than as a cost. We expect to get a return on the money invested on military hardware. For example, when the Americans invaded Iraq, they secured control of vast oil reserves. Control of this oil has greatly increased the availability of oil and lowered the price of oil, and has added several points to the American Gross Domestic Product.

Australia is currently not getting a return on its military investment. The Australian military is being used for overseas aid rather than pursuing Australian interests. It is being used as an army of occupation to introduce the dubious benefits of feminism and gay rights into Afghanistan and Iraq. We will be expecting a much better return on our military investment.

We intend to set up a foreign legion along the lines of the British Gurkha regiments. These will be blokes from developing countries who work for us for $40 a week, which is a lot of money in some countries. If we paid them more, they would think we were mugs. These guys will come from countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Zimbabwe. They will live on bases in remote parts of Australia, and will not be able to freely travel around Australia. They will not get Australian citizenship. The officers of these regiments will be Australians.

The awarding of Australian medals leaves a lot to be desired. The Victoria Cross, which was originally intended as a bravery award, has become a saintliness award. No doubt if an Australian soldier punched up his wife, they would strip him of his bravery award. No wonder bikers join outlaw motorcycle gangs and not the Australian Defence Force.

We should take on board the medal awarding practices of the German military. In the course of the Second World War, about a quarter of the German soldiers received a bravery award. On the one hand, getting a bravery award was not out of the question for the average German soldier, but on the other hand he had to do something to earn it. This greatly contributed to the effectiveness of the German military.

As with the German “Iron Cross”, Australia should have three levels of bravery medals. The highest bravery medal should be the Victoria Cross, followed by the Distinguished Service Cross as the next highest medal, followed by the Military Cross, Naval Cross and Air Force Cross as the run-of-the-mill bravery medals. The Victoria Cross should not be called the “Victoria Cross for Australia”, as this implies it is inferior to a British Victoria Cross.

It should be absolutely forbidden for children to march in ANZAC Day parades. It should be a serious crime for people to wear medals that were not awarded to them. It makes a mockery of these parades and disrespects the contribution made by men who have fought for their country. Medals should be considered the property of the government, and should go back to the government on the death of the recipient.

Part of our defence policy is to make Australia resistant to enemy attack. All other policy areas need to take account of defence concerns. For example, if houses are made of timber, they can be set on fire by enemy bombing, creating a firestorm. It would make more sense if houses were made out of bricks or concrete blocks, and had underground cyclone shelters.

Similarly, rather than have a public transport system with buses and light rail, it would be preferable to have an underground railway system, which can double as a bomb shelter. Key infrastructure such as telephone exchanges and television studios should be located underground.

Australia is very vulnerable to electromagnetic pulse weapons. Our cars should be designed so that they are mechanical and resistant to EMP weapons. Only things like the traction control system should be electronic. Our wristwatches and security locks should be mechanical and not electronic. A mechanical wristwatch costs about the same and is as accurate as a quartz crystal wristwatch. Home appliances should avoid using silicon chips.

Our communications are very vulnerable at the moment, and there are a number of foreign powers that could shut down all our telephone calls anytime they wanted. All government offices and cars should have telex terminals, and should communicate using high frequency radio without going through a telephone exchange. High frequency radio covers the whole of Australia, including those areas with no mobile telephone coverage.

At present we rely on the American GPS navigation system. The Americans can arrange so that there is no GPS reception in Australia. Australians need a navigation system using the Russian “Glonass” satellites and Australian “Loran” stations that we intend to set up. “Loran” is similar to GPS but uses ground stations rather than space satellites.

Volunteer organisations like Surf Lifesaving, State Emergency Services and Bush Fire Brigades are similar to the Australian military but are unpaid. If Australian men will join Surf Lifesaving without being paid, presumably they would join the Australian military without being paid. But under the Rudd and Gillard Labor Government, the salaries for the Australian military rose to ridiculous levels, in order to counter the high level of resignations.

The cause of this is the presence of women in the Australian military, and having female officers giving orders to men. It is bad enough to be bossed around by the “missus” without other women giving orders. This experiment in social engineering has cost the Australian taxpayers billions of dollars, all to create a workplace in which feminists can “get their rocks off” by ordering men around. This is also one of the reasons for the low efficiency of the Australian military compared to how things were in 1914, when the Australian military was second to none. If we are elected, there will be no women and homosexuals in the Australian military.