Policy on Homosexuality

According to Sigmund Freud, babies are initially bisexual, but are socialized so that they behave as men or women and are attracted to the opposite sex. Clearly then, homosexuals are individuals who have not been properly socialized. The proportion of homosexuals in the Australian population is about 2 percent. Our policy is for homosexuality to be phased out over fifty years.

There are three main causes of homosexuality, which will be eliminated by our other policies. The first is that Catholic priests are molesting children, who are becoming homosexuals as a result. The second cause is that prisoners are not being properly supervised, and are being forced to become homosexuals. The third cause is that government schools and Catholic schools are blurring the distinction between the male and female roles. In our policies on Churches, Prisoners and Schools, we indicate how we will rectify these problems.

Australia has signed up to human rights treaties which ban discriminating against homosexuals. This means that State Government laws against homosexuals will not be effective unless we also control the national government. Also, the national government cannot ban homosexuality, except in Canberra, the Northern Territory, other territories, coastal waters, and on Australian ships and aircraft. But there are lots of things a State Government and a national government can do to discourage homosexuality.

If elected, we will introduce a Crimes (Homosexuality) Amendment Bill to phase out homosexuality. This will prohibit various actions associated with the homosexual lifestyle. The main offences will be “intercourse between two people of the same gender”, “two people of the same gender sharing a bed”, and “two people of the same gender sharing a dwelling”. For a limited time after the Act comes into effect, homosexuals will be able to register with the police. This will exempt them from prosecution for these offences, since they will continue to commit them whatever the government does. Eventually the registered homosexuals will all die, and we will be left with a homosexual-free population.

The penalty for anyone other than a registered homosexual engaging in homosexual activity, such as sharing a house with another person of the same gender, will be imprisonment with hard labour for ten years. Of course, this will mean that students will not be able to live in share houses. Students will have to either live in hostels or by themselves, or get married and live with their spouses, like most people in the world. Another offence will be created of “corrupting public morals”, and will include marching in a Gay Mardi Gras Parade. A registered homosexual will not be exempt from this offence. This will also carry a sentence of imprisonment with hard labour on a chain gang for ten years.

We want to return to the situation that once existed where normal people are not aware that there is such a thing as homosexuality. Accordingly, there will be crimes of “admitting to being a homosexual” and “accusing another person of being a homosexual”. It will of course be legal to tell police officers in private that someone is a homosexual. The Act will also make it legal to discriminate against homosexuals.

Crimes will also be created of “woman wearing a masculine hair style”, “woman wearing masculine clothing”, “man wearing a feminine hair style”, and “man wearing feminine clothing”. This approach has been successfully tried in Singapore. The following pictures are of people whose hair styles will become illegal if we are elected. People going around like this will be arrested on the spot. The Act will have a Schedule containing pictures like this. As far as we know, the people shown in the pictures are not homosexuals, but many homosexuals have inappropriate hair styles.


Some Banned Hair Styles