Policy on Housing

The Labor Party public housing philosophy is “Inferior housing for inferior people”. The Liberal Party public housing philosophy is “A band-aid solution for a problem we don’t know how to fix”. The Mainstream Party public housing philosophy is “Private sector style housing to be sold to the private sector”.

In line with our disdain for the ability of the “private sector” to come up with the things people need, we will build the housing that people need. Our housing will be of a reasonable standard, and not with tiny rooms and low ceilings. Carpets, curtains, air-conditioning and whitegoods will be provided. We intend that any public housing that we build will be sold to the occupants or to investors.

We will not make the mistake that Housing Departments make of putting Catholic tenants next door to Protestant tenants. We will not put predators and serial pests in with normal people. Each apartment building will have a part-time on-site manager to make sure tenants behave themselves. The on-site manager’s version of events will be the version of events that the Housing Department acts on. Blocks of public housing flats will be converted to strata title, with a body corporate, and tenants will be able to buy flats.

We should not encourage people to live in capital cities. Tenants who move from a capital city to a regional city should be able to get better public housing and have their removal expenses paid. The Housing Department should provide a free furniture storage service. If a person has his or her furniture in private storage, and can’t afford to pay the storage, the Housing Department should pay the outstanding bill, and move the furniture into their free warehouse.

As a temporary measure, the government should set up camping grounds and trailer parks outside cities. People should be able to stay there rent free. Tents and sleeping bags should be provided free. Amenities blocks, telephones, security guards, doctors, and three hot meals a day should be provided. Those on benefits should pay a charge for the meals, but otherwise the meals should be free. A free bus service should be provided, from the camping ground to the capital city, and from the camping ground to a regional city.