Policy on Migration

Our migration policy is the “White Australia Policy”. We will however allow guest workers from developing countries like Indonesia into Australia to work as housekeepers and nannies. They will be paid something like $1 an hour plus board and lodging. This is a much better way of providing aid to developing countries than sponsoring a child. Singapore allows guest workers from Indonesia, the Philippines and Sri Lanka. As a result, no Singapore citizen does any housework. There will no longer be child care centres, as parents will leave children with the nanny. Guest workers will be able to stay in Australia for up to two years.

At present, Australia allows people from New Zealand to freely enter Australia, in the same way that people from Tasmania can freely enter Australia. In effect, New Zealand is treated for migration purposes as an Australian state. We will extend this, and allow mainstream people from New Zealand, Britain and North America to freely enter Australia. Also, we will allow Afrikaner (Dutch) people from South Africa to freely enter Australia.

Our migration policy is based on the concept of the “Mainstream person”. “Mainstream” is the word that Australians use to describe their ethnic group. Basically, a “Mainstream person” is someone of English, Welsh and/or Scottish ancestry who has been raised in a Protestant denomination. For migration and nationality purposes, we need a more rigorous definition, which is basically the same as the popular idea of a “Mainstream person”. There are four aspects to this definition:

  • The ancestry test
  • The appearance test
  • The Catholic test
  • The core values test

To pass the ancestry test, a person must have:

  • at least 50% English, Scottish and/or Welsh ancestry;
  • not more than 50% Dutch, German or Scandinavian ancestry;
  • not more than 25% Irish, Armenian, Russian, or other European ancestry;
  • not more than 12½% Arab, Australian Aboriginal, Eskimo, Pacific Islander or Persian ancestry; and
  • not more than 6¼% Jewish, Gypsy, African or Asian ancestry.

The appearance test is whether someone looks like a “Mainstream person”. It is easy enough to concoct documents showing a mainstream ancestry, but more difficult to fake a mainstream appearance. The character Sheldon Cooper on the television show “Big Bang Theory”, although we are supposed to think he is mainstream, has a distinctly Jewish appearance. Penny is the only apparently mainstream character on the show, although the actress who plays her was obviously adopted.

To pass the Catholic test, a person:

  • must have been educated only at government schools or schools run by Protestant denominations, and spent not more than one month at a Catholic school or a non-denominational school run by Catholics; and
  • must have parents and grandparents who were not christened or married at Catholic churches, unless living in a Catholic country.

A person is likely to fail the “core values” test if one of the following circumstances applies:

  • he or she has a non-mainstream spouse;
  • he or she has a Catholic spouse;
  • he or she sends his or her children to Catholic schools;
  • he or she is a homosexual; or
  • he or she campaigns for “politically correct” causes.

On the one hand, it is easy to see how someone could marry a Catholic. On the other hand, as a result, he or she would become part of the Catholic social network, and under the control of a priest who could have him or her ostracized. The effect of the above indiscretions is that a person usually would lose his mainstream status, although not automatically or irretrievably.

We will set up an Aliens Department that is in charge of migration, nationality, and Catholic affairs. There will be a right of appeal from decisions of the Aliens Department to a Migration Tribunal. There will be a right of appeal from this tribunal to the Governor-General in Council. This will preclude any judicial review of decisions.

Past Australian Governments have been issuing Australian nationality recklessly to refugees and other people who do not deserve it. We will not recognise past awards of Australian nationality. Only the following people will retain Australian nationality:

  • Mainstream people
  • People with 25% or greater Australian Aboriginal ancestry even if they are Catholics
  • Protestants or Orthodox Christians with European or Pacific Islander ancestry

It is our intention to deport refugees to their countries of origin unless they are elderly and not in a position to get established in their country of origin. We may also deport Catholics to any country that will accept them. We would particularly like to make an agreement with the Philippines whereby they would accept all our Catholics.

We will issue people whose Australian citizenship is canceled with Christmas Island citizenship and passports. They will have a right to live on Christmas Island, but will need visas to live on the Australian mainland. We envisage that people will prefer to move to other countries rather than live on Christmas Island. In theory they could all live on Christmas Island, but then it would become like Hong Kong. Most people whose Australian citizenship is canceled will continue to live on the Australian mainland. They will be on their best behaviour, since they can be deported to Christmas Island if they try to engage in further social experimentation.

We will issue all Australian residents and visitors with identity cards that will double as driver’s licences. There will be three types of cards:

  • blue cards for mainstream people;
  • red cards for Catholic and Jewish people; and
  • green cards for everyone else.

In the past, where Catholics cannot get their way peacefully, they have resorted to protests and terrorism. Even when they can get their way, they cause most of the neighbourhood disputes. Catholics are disproportionately responsible for most crime and vice. This is not a belief passed on from generation to generation, but a pattern that anyone will notice if they look for it.

We cannot have the high quality of life that we deserve if we have Catholics living in our neighbourhoods. Our aim is to segregate Catholics into their own suburbs so they cannot cause trouble for us. Australian cities already have no-go areas such as Cabramatta with high concentrations of Catholics. The difference will be that we will put walls around the no-go areas to stop the scumbags getting out.