Policy on Parking

Back in the days of conservative governments, a local council would not allow a building to be built unless it contained adequate car parking spaces. A new building would have to improve the availability of parking spaces rather than make it worse. Labor Governments abandoned this policy, apparently on the basis that in future we will all travel by public transport. As far as we are concerned, the private motor car will remain the dominant form of transport, now, and a hundred years from now.

If one of our candidates is elected to a local council, they will introduce a Parking Ordinance. This will ban developments unless they contain the number of car parking spaces set out in the Ordinance. For example, a twenty storey building will have to contain six storeys of parking spaces, including two storeys to be made available to the public at no charge, even if they are not visiting anyone in the building. If a developer wants to build the world’s tallest building, it will have to include the world’s biggest car park.