Policy on Pets

Recently the Labor Party has made it illegal for pet owners not to pick up pet excrement. To our way of thinking, this should not be the responsibility of pet owners, but of the local council. This is a typical Labor Party law, making criminals out of ordinary people. To the Labor Party we say, “Did you really think about it before you made the rule?” If any of our candidates are elected to a local council, we will introduce a Pets Ordinance to place this requirement on the local council and not on the pet owner.

In the same way that the actions of irresponsible people mean that people need to have driver’s licences, so regrettably there is a need for pet licences. Under our Pets Ordinance, existing owners of cats and dogs will be issued with Pet Owner’s Licences without any charge or needing to pass a test. To hold a Pet Owner’s Licence, you will need to be at least eight years old. Those people who are not issued with licences when the law comes into force will need to undertake a course, which ideally would be taught at primary school. The course will cover the care requirements of cats and dogs and how to control the animals.

Cats and dogs themselves will need a licence. A veterinarian will need to visit the home every six months and give each cat and dog a medical, including administering prescribed treatments. Veterinarians will notify the visit to the local council. If a visit does not take place for a particular animal, the council inspectors will investigate the matter. Female animals will need to be sterilized, unless the owner is a licenced breeder.

Continually barking dogs cause much grief for shift workers and for housewives looking after babies. If there is a report of a continually barking dog, the first step will be that council inspectors will visit the pet owner. They will lend the pet owner a “training collar” that the dog will have to wear, and explain steps that can be taken so that the dog does not get upset when the owner is out. Should this not work, the owner will have to undertake the course for the Pet Owner’s Licence.