Policy on Rubbish Collection

If we are elected to run a local council, the council will buy a large number of steel rubbish skips. These will have the council logo painted on them to distinguish them from rented skips. The council will leave them in streets so that the public can dispose of rubbish that will not fit in wheelie bins.

The council should replace damaged wheelie bins without residents needing to contact the council. The council should also be responsible for cleaning wheelie bins and painting street numbers on them. Wheelie bins are a source of insect pests, so it should be illegal to throw food scraps in them unless the scraps are wrapped up.

Some high-rise apartments have rubbish chutes. Residents can throw rubbish down their rubbish chutes. The rubbish ends up in a skip in the basement. Some cities in Scandinavia have a similar system where garbage is thrown down a chute and is sucked away through a pipe which may be two kilometres long. We will eventually implement this system. Instead of people throwing rubbish in wheelie bins, they will throw it down a chute in their houses, from where it will be vacuumed away through an underground conduit.