Policy on Schools

Australian schoolkids are having to spend as long as three hours a night doing homework. Kids who have to do this much homework can’t play sport or have hobbies. This is resulting in adults who don’t play sport, who don’t have hobbies, and who won’t read books. Accordingly, if one of our candidates is elected to a State or Territory Parliament, they will introduce a private member’s bill called the Education (Homework) Amendment Bill to ban homework.

If the Mainstream Party is elected as a State or Territory Government, it is our policy to nationalize all Catholic schools, to stop them teaching Catholic children to hate mainstream people. Since we are not allowed to discriminate against the Catholic Church, we will have to nationalize all other private schools at the same time. Private schools that have been nationalized will be able to continue to charge fees and decide which families can have children enrolling at the school.

Once we have nationalized the private schools, we will appoint a new principal and social studies teacher at every school in the State. Every pupil at every school will have to be taught by the social studies teacher for an hour every week. Pupils will be taught that there is such a thing as mainstream people, that they are different from Catholics, and that it is not right to give them a hard time. Also pupils will be taught that “political correctness” is a lot of nonsense, that Catholic priests are often wrong, and that the opinions of Catholic priests about most matters should be ignored.

To prevent bullying, child abuse and teacher abuse, we will install surveillance cameras in all schools. Everything happening at a school will be monitored in real time and recorded. School inspectors will monitor the surveillance cameras and also will sit in the classrooms. Caning will be reintroduced. During school hours, police will detain any children up to age 16 who are outside school and not accompanied by a parent.

The school leaving certificate will be the “School Certificate” in Year 10. Pupils will need permission to enrol in Years 11 and 12. Normally pupils will leave at the end of Year 10 and go to a technical institute. This will result in great cost savings for taxpayers. For example, at present, a pharmacy degree includes all sorts of things that a pharmacist could not possibly need to know, such as how to perform calculations with complex numbers, and how to make your own illegal drugs. By reducing the pharmacy course to two years, and by eliminating Year 11 and Year 12, we can knock out four years of education, and save about $30,000 per student.

Pupils will only study Year 11 and Year 12 if they are going to university. They will study for an “International Baccalaureate”. Anyone who has finished a technical institute course may also study a university entrance course equivalent to Year 11 and Year 12 at a technical institute. The school syllabus for Year 1 through to Year 12 will consist of the following subjects:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Sport
  • Martial Arts
  • Military Training
  • Social Studies
  • History
  • Religion
  • Culture
  • Two Foreign Languages

The subject “Technology” will include woodwork and metalwork for boys and sewing and cooking for girls. The subject “Military Training” will be similar to Boy Scouts and Girl Guides. For example, Year 1 pupils will learn how to tie knots. The subject “Culture” will include such things as music and dancing. Some subjects will be taught to boys and girls separately so that they are socialized differently.

Aboriginal pupils will go to boarding schools. A boarding school will have 25 percent Aboriginal pupils and 75 percent European pupils. Aboriginal pupils will study two Aboriginal languages. Aboriginal pupils will have “Social Studies”, “History” and “Culture” classes separately from European pupils. Pupils at the boarding school will live in dormitories with four pupils in each dormitory. Because of parental concerns about bullying, boys will live in separate dormitories to girls, and Aborigines will live in separate dormitories to Europeans.

Pupils at all schools, other than Aborigines, will learn one of the following pairs of languages:

  • Arabic & Malay
  • Chinese & Japanese
  • French & Italian
  • German & Russian
  • Greek & Latin
  • Spanish & Portuguese

The Indonesians refer to the language of their country as “Bahasa Indonesia”, but we refer to it as “Malay”, and likewise we refer to the Chinese language as “Chinese”, unless we are trying very hard to suck up to them (a “Mandarin” is a fruit). Only one pair of languages will be taught at a particular school.