Policy on Shopping Centres

The best shopping space in Australia is owned by a handful of shopping centre companies. This is a restraint of trade, and results in prices of goods being higher than necessary. If one of our candidates is elected to a local council, they will introduce a Shopping Centres Ordinance. This will allow companies leasing a shop at a shopping centre to buy their shops. This in turn will lead to more reasonable rents for shops, and lower prices for consumers.

The Shopping Centres Ordinance will oblige the local council to convert all shopping centres to strata title. This means each individual shop will be separately owned. The price that a tenant will pay for a shop will be set by a Supreme Court judge by arbitration. If a tenant does not buy a shop, it will be auctioned to the highest bidder.

The Shopping Centres Ordinance will contain the body corporate rules for shopping centres. This will include that people working in the shopping centre can park in the car park for free. The strata title documents will be filed by the local council and not by the shopping centre company.