Policy on Water

The Labor Party is especially happy when there is a water shortage, as it allows them to prosecute mainstream people for everyday activities. The Labor Party can prosecute people for gardening, washing their cars, and having showers. We however take the view that it’s the government’s job to come up with the water. We say, “Do use your hose as a broom!”

The best way to increase the availability of water is to implement water recycling. If we are elected to run a local council, we will enact a Water Ordinance. This will say that new houses will need significantly different plumbing arrangements. Also, the local council will have the power to make changes to the plumbing of buildings at the council’s expense.

A new house will have two sources of water from the council, that is, drinking water and non-potable water. Drinking water will go to the kitchen and bathroom sinks and the hot water supply. Non-potable water will go to other taps. A new house will need four separate drains: rain water, storm water, grey water, and black water. “Black water” is effluent from the kitchen sink and the toilet. “Grey water” is water from the shower, the bath, and other sinks.

The council will recycle rain water, storm water and grey water in each suburb. Water from each source will be pumped into holding tanks. The water will be filtered and disinfected, similar to what happens in a swimming pool. Each batch of water will be tested. Usually rain water and storm water will be pure enough to use as drinking water. Usually grey water, filtered and disinfected, will be suitable to use as non-potable water, but not as drinking water. Non-potable water would be safe to drink now and again, but not suitable for long-term consumption.

The council will need to lay a network of pipes to supply non-potable water, and to collect rain water and grey water. The council would start in areas where the houses are mostly high-set. Otherwise the council will have to dig up concrete foundations.

At the end of a recent drought, Channel 10 News conducted a poll of viewers to see whether they thought water restrictions should be lifted. Viewers could vote by calling a number or sending an SMS message. Ninety percent of viewers voted that they were in favour of lifting the restrictions. Channel 10 promptly announced that the poll had been about who was in favour of keeping restrictions, and that ninety percent of viewers were in favour of keeping water restrictions! They must think that viewers are stupid, and can’t remember what the announcer said an hour earlier. The “lying Australian media” at work!