Preselection Procedure

54. (1) The following rules shall govern the preselection of candidates by the Preselection Subcommittee of the Queensland branch:

  1. only members of the branch who are electors may vote;
  2. only members of the branch who are eligible to vote in the ballot under this constitution may vote;
  3. each member has only one vote;
  4. voting must be done by secret ballot;
  5. a member must not be improperly influenced in voting;
  6. a member's ballot paper must be counted if the member's intention is clear;
  7. members' votes must be accurately counted;
  8. each person who is seeking selection may be present personally, or may be represented by another person, at the ballot and for the scrutiny, and counting, of votes.

(2) The preselection procedure for the Queensland branch, subject to this rule, shall be as directed by resolution of the management committee of the Queensland branch, and subject to any such resolutions, shall be as directed by the chairman of the Queensland branch.