Commencement of Arbitration

56. (1) An arbitration is commenced by the aggrieved member of the party or branch or former member writing to the chairman of the party:

  1. advising that there is a dispute;
  2. requesting the appointment of an arbitrator;
  3. stating the circumstances that have led to the dispute;
  4. stating what redress is sought; and
  5. enclosing a non-refundable donation of one thousand dollars.

(2) An arbitration shall not be commenced by writing to the chairman of a branch of the party.

(3) Unless the management committee of the party is willing and able to rectify the member's grievance, the management committee must appoint an arbitrator to settle the dispute.

(4) If more than one arbitrators are appointed by purported management committees to settle which is the legitimate management committee, the arbitrators must confer amongst themselves and decide which of them is most suitable to hear the dispute, having regard to the qualifications for arbitrators, and the less suitable arbitrators must disqualify themselves from hearing the dispute.