Application for Membership

Please answer every question. Please provide your residential
address according to the records of the Australian Electoral
Commission. The second line of the address is optional.
You need not provide a mobile telephone number or an e-mail
address or a Facebook address if you don’t have one.

Your Family Name:     
Your Christian Names: 
Your Title:           
Your Date of Birth:   

Residential Address:  
Suburb or Town:       

Postal Address:       
Suburb or Town:       

Home Telephone:       
Mobile Telephone:     
E-mail Address:       
Facebook Address:     

You will eventually need a Facebook address, if you want to
take part in Annual General Meetings, and so that you can
tell Facebook members that you “like” the Mainstream Party.
If necessary, when visiting your extended family, get one of
the kids to set up a Facebook page for you, while you watch
how they do it.

Now please answer some questions about your ancestry. As an
example, if your maternal grandmother was Jewish, and all
your other grandparents were Irish, then you would be 75%
Irish and 25% Jewish. If necessary, get one of the kids in
your extended family who is good at maths to help you with
these questions. In most cases, the correct answer will be
either Zero or 100%.

Your English, Welsh and/or Scottish ancestry:     

Your Dutch, German and/or Scandinavian ancestry:  

Your Irish ancestry:                              

Your Jewish ancestry:                             

Your Aboriginal and/or Pacific Islander ancestry: 

Your Asian ancestry:                              
  (not including Aboriginal, Pacific Islander or Jewish ancestry)

Your African ancestry:                            

Please now answer some other questions about your background.
If you select an option marked with an asterisk (*), you are
not eligible to join the Mainstream Party.

Have you, or either of your parents, or any of your
grandparents, been married or christened at a Roman
Catholic church?

How long have you spent attending a Catholic primary
or secondary school?

Do you have a spouse who is Catholic, Asian and/or

Do you support the White Australia Policy, of not
allowing Asians and Africans to live in Australia?

What sort of naked person do you prefer to share a
sleeping bag with?

Have you ever been in prison?

Have you ever been in a mental hospital?

Have you ever been bankrupt?

Have you ever been unemployed?

By sending this application, you are agreeing to be bound by
the constitution of the Mainstream Party. The Party may enrol
you from time to time as a member of the State and Territory
branches of the Party, and as a member of the Party's youth
wing (the Australian Union of Students). Currently there is
no membership fee.

You agree that, if you are contacted by the Australian
Electoral Commission, or other government agencies, and they
ask you whether you are a member of the Mainstream Party
(or a branch of the Party, or the Party's youth wing),
you will tell them that you are a member.

Please make sure that you have answered all the questions,
otherwise the computer will not be able to process your