Policy on the Environment

If we are elected to govern a State or Territory, about 2 percent of the State budget will be spent on the environment. This will include 0.8 percent on captive breeding programmes to prevent endangered species becoming extinct. Also it will include 0.8 percent of the State budget on programmes to eradicate invasive species such as cane toads and crown-of-thorns starfish. Much of this will be spent on bounties of so much per kilo that will be paid to people who capture these pests.

If we are elected as the Australian Government, we will abolish the carbon emission trading scheme, or so-called carbon tax. The scheme would only make sense if our long-term aim was to replace fossil fuels with solar power and wind power. Our long-term aim, however, is to replace fossil fuels with nuclear fusion, in which sea water is the fuel, and helium is the waste product. A carbon emission trading scheme will not send the right market signals. As a State Government, however, we do intend to invest in wind generators as part of the State electricity infrastructure, and we will encourage households to use solar water heating.

We will also introduce a container deposit scheme for soft drink, beer and wine bottles and cans. We will ban plastic shopping bags and insist on paper bags instead. We will ban oil tankers with single skinned hulls from the Australian contiguous sea zone and the Torres Strait. We will buy mulching machines for making firebreaks by mulching vegetation, as opposed to the current practice of controlled burning which will be phased out.