Policy on Council Rates

Local councils are in a position to greatly improve peoples’ quality of life if they go about it the right way. By setting up “Gated Communities”, and by the use of security cameras and security guards, councils can totally eliminate children being exposed to crime and bad influences. If this can be done with a moderate increase in council rates, it will be worthwhile. The public only object to increased rates if the money is to be used to fund Multicultural Festivals and for other non-worthwhile purposes.

Under the conservative governments of the 1970s, taxes and rates were much higher than they are now. There is scope for rates to be increased, as long as ratepayers get good value for money. If the Mainstream Party is elected to run a local council, we will increase rates, and bring in rebates based on income level. People such as Qantas executives will pay much higher rates. Battlers will pay an affordable level of rates. People who are 65 years and over will pay no rates at all on their main home, and no rates on their beach cottage or one other home if they are not renting it out.