Policy on Supermarkets

Supermarket chains such as Coles and Woolworths have a disproportionate impact on the quality of life of Australians. They are run irresponsibly and without regard for the public interest. If one of our candidates is elected to a local council, they will introduce a Supermarkets Ordinance. Under the Supermarkets Ordinance, a supermarket will be defined as a shop that sells any three of the following types of product: dairy products, meat products, vegetables, bread, and cosmetics.

A supermarket will have to place products made in Australia in separate aisles from foreign products. A supermarket will not be able to provide plastic grocery bags, but will have to provide brown paper grocery bags free of charge. If a customer buys anything from a supermarket before 12 noon, and pays a token delivery fee of $5, the supermarket will have to deliver the customer’s groceries to any address within 10 kilometres the same day. The price that a supermarket charges for an item will have to be the lowest that the company charges for the item anywhere in the country.

Supermarket staff will not be able to search customers’ bags, but will have to use surveillance cameras to detect shoplifting. Public address announcements can only be made in the half hour before the supermarket closes. The supermarket must play jazz music only, and not other kinds of music, or no music at all. The temperature in the supermarket must be 20°C. At least 60 percent of staff in each supermarket must be mainstream.