Become a Volunteer

The chances are that you belong to the majority of Australians who have a serious grievance against the Australian Government or a State or Territory Government. At long last a political party has arisen that recognizes the legitimacy of your grievance and wants to do something about it. Your ability to get redress for your grievance depends on our ability to get votes for our candidates. Here are some typical grievances that Australians have:

  • Your children have been taken away from you, and you want to get them back before their minds are totally poisoned against you.
  • You don’t have a job, and it appears unlikely you will EVER have a job while the Labor Party or the Liberal Party remain in power.
  • One of your relatives has been detained in a concentration camp, and you want to get him or her released before the “Public Guardian” can have him or her euthanized.
  • You have gone to a lot of trouble to buy a home in a nice area, and scumbags have moved into the neighbourhood and have made the area uninhabitable.
  • Your church has sold its organ, and recruited a female priest, and they play guitar music and hug each other, and now you don’t have a place where you can go to church.

Perhaps you have imagined that your grievance is against your ex-wife or against your scumbag neighbour. But really, these things are the government’s fault. If we were elected, we could fix these things, as is clear from our policies. Even if we had only one candidate elected, the major parties would become alarmed, and steal some of our policies. Maybe they might even fix your grievance.

We have a limited number of members, on limited incomes. We rely on volunteers to do everything. These volunteers, like you, have grievances against the government, and are counting on our getting elected. They are like people living in Eastern Europe under communism. Their lives are on hold until they can get rid of the regime that rules Australia.

Even though you are an ordinary person, and no different from any other Australian, there are things you can do to help our party, and to help us help you. Some of these things involve a negligible amount of effort. Other things involve quite a lot of trouble, but the benefits for someone with a grievance are out of all proportion to the effort.

One thing you can do is join the party. This is helpful because once we get 500 members, we can register as a political party. This means our party name will appear on ballot papers. Also it will attract a certain amount of publicity. Also, Google will have to stop pretending that we don’t exist and list our internet site in response to searches.

If you want to go to some trouble to help us, you could put leaflets in peoples’ letterboxes in your suburb or a nearby suburb. The chances are that you heard about the Mainstream Party from a leaflet in your own letterbox. There is nothing politicians fear more than leaflets. In the Soviet Union, photocopiers had to be registered with the secret police so that people couldn’t use them to make leaflets. In Nazi Germany, the only opposition was through people secretly spreading leaflets. Just because you get leaflets from pizza companies, do not underestimate the power of a leaflet to bring down a government.

If you contact us, with our message form, we will e-mail you with a file you can print out on your computer. This will be a letter on two sides of the page. You can take this to a photocopier and make several hundred copies. There are photocopies in libraries, and some companies also have photocopiers. You will need to use “double-sided photocopying”. Get the librarian or shop assistant to show you how to set up the photocopier.

Having got several hundred copies, the next step is to put them in envelopes. You can get envelopes from a supermarket or stationer. Having put the leaflets in envelopes, which will take a fair while, the next step is to glue address labels on the envelopes. We don’t address the labels with peoples’ names, of course, but with a label that will encourage people to read the leaflet and not throw it away. You should end up with a shopping bag full of labelled envelopes.

The final step is to put the envelopes in peoples’ letterboxes. Some people have notices on their letterboxes saying “No junk mail”. This is talking about pizza advertisements, not about political leaflets. You should assume they don’t mind you putting a political leaflet in their letterbox unless there is a sticker saying “No political leaflets”. If you know the occupant of the house is not going to support our party in a million years, then it is probably best not to stir them up by giving them a leaflet.

The cost of the leaflets will be about 25 cents per leaflet, or $50 for 200 leaflets. Also, for 200 leaflets, photocopying the leaflets, putting them in envelopes, labelling the envelopes, and delivering them, will probably take about one day in total. It might be best to do each job on a different day.

In spite of the time and expense involved in distributing 200 leaflets, they are highly effective. That is 200 households, or perhaps 500 voters, who are now aware of our party. That is perhaps 50 votes that the major parties have lost forever. Perhaps five of the people who get your leaflets will start spreading leaflets of their own. This is truly the way to take out the government.